About us

Bow Wow Wow, LLC DBA CBD For My Dogs is a family owned business located in Tampa Florida. Our family consists of 2 humans, 4 dogs, 2 inside cats, one outside cat and several feral’s that come to eat. After losing our first dog Bentley to cancer in 2015 we made a promise in his name to do our best to raise awareness to pet owners as to the increasing number of pets being diagnosed with, cancer. Also, pets suffering from allergies, seizures, obesity, diabetes, arthritis, anxiety, etc the list goes on and on. We have experienced the real effects of CBD on our 10-year-old dog with arthritis and are still in awe of the way she has responded.  She runs around and plays like a puppy again.  As we began researching CBD for pets we found a lot of different types and brands and we realized that all CBD oils and Treats are NOT created equal.

We started our store so that you the consumer won’t have to spend time searching and wondering if the product you buy is what it claims to be.  Due to our extensive research, you will only find the best, highest quality and legitimate CBD’s for your pets in our store!  Once we find an exceptional product you can be rest assured we will offer it to you. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality CBD so you can feel confident you’re giving your pets what they deserve.  What better way to thank them for their unconditional love and loyalty by prolonging their life!